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hi, no one has updated in a while, so i guess i will =)

i never knew what dr/dp was until my first year in college when i took abnormal psych.

i remember my senior year of high school, i was walking down the hallway to my next class thinking about how much i hated school, life, wanted to die, etc. and suddenly everything around me became fuzzy like nothing around me was real at all. i felt like i was watching myself on tv or in a dream or something. i felt like i could barely control myself or my mind or my body and i didn't know how i could even make myself walk, it stopped making sense, if that makes any sense, heh. so somehow i ran outside and got away from everyone and sat down until it passed. at the time, i thought it probably was a panic attack. after that i got it every once in a while.

but after a while with therapy and medication (for depression) i stopped getting it for a long time. i can still remember kind of what it was like and still have times when i feel like things aren't real but it's not strong or in episodes like that, it's more of just thinking too much.

i was put on medication for my stomach pains a couple of weeks ago and that caused it to come back really strong. i'd be walking, or driving or something and suddenly feel like i was in a dream, i'd have to remind myself that things were real and what i was doing. then when it stopped i'd feel like i was waking up from a dream. i probably shouldn't have been driving while on that stuff, heh, but i didn't know. i've stopped taking it now and it's gone away again. i still get dizzy from it sometimes but i feel better now.

so i hope other people share stories too!! i like stories.
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